Hello, my name is April Mason, and I’m a leading authority in the Femininity and Dating community. You may have seen me on tv, social media, heard me on the radio, speaking at an event or one of your good girlfriends said: “girl, you must check out Ms. April Mason!” (wink). However you got here, I am happy that you’re here.


I have helped thousands of women transform their lives by tapping into their femininity so that they can have it all, and all at one time. If you could identify yourself with what I said above, I also found myself in the same place as you. It wasn’t until I took a step back, made a choice to redesign my life, rise up and be the ASSET Woman I was created to be, that my results changed. I’m going to give you the step by step tools I used, so you can do the same.


So, are you ready to Rise? I believe you answered YES, awesome! This means you are saying YES to throwing away the bottle of playing small and mediocre that you’ve been drinking! No more confusion, excitement one minute and doubt the next, thinking yourself out of greatness, potential relationships, unhappiness, self-doubt, hiding who you really are, living in lack, broke, unhealthy and just living a BLAH life! NO MORE!



Best Regards,

April Mason

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